Professor Christoph Clauser's farewell colloquium at E.ON ERC

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On July 20, 2018, 78 participants from 9 countries and three continents joined Professor Christoph Clauser in his farewell colloquium at RWTH Aachen University at the site of the E.ON Energy Research Center, where Christoph has been privileged to work for the last 12 years.The colloquium comprised two sessions: In the morning session (10:00 – 12:10), active researchers will present current developments in those research fields in which Christoph has been active himself:In the afternoon session (14:00 – 17:30), former colleagues recalled their memories of times when they overlapped with Christoph at his different work locations in Berlin (Heiner Villinger), Braunschweig (Georg Arens), Hannover (Suzanne Hurter and Daniel Yang), and Aachen (Norbert Klitzsch, Florian Wellmann, Rik De Doncker, Marek Behr, Karin Clauser). This path, incidentally, followed the westward drift of the Earth’s magnetic field during these 45 years…To end this day, Shaopeng Huang recalled Christoph’s activities in the International Heat Flow Commission of IASPEI.


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