EoCoE-II: Energy Oriented Centre of Excellence: toward exascale for energy


The Energy-oriented Centre of Excellence (EoCoE, pronounced ‘echo’) applies cutting-edge computational methods in its mission to accelerate the transition to the production, storage and management of clean, decarbonized energy. EoCoE is anchored in the High Performance Computing (HPC) community and targets research institutes, key commercial players and SMEs who develop and enable energy-relevant numerical models to be run on exascale supercomputers, demonstrating their benefits for lowcarbon energy technology.

During this 2nd round, EoCoE-II will channel its efforts into 5 scientific Exascale challenges in the low-carbon sectors of Energy Meteorology, Materials, Water, Wind and Fusion. This multidisciplinary effort will harness innovations in computer science and mathematical algorithms within a tightly integrated co-design approach to overcome performance bottlenecks and to anticipate future HPC hardware developments.

Water for Energy: Geothermal Energy

Research at GGE contributes to the scientific challenge Water for Energy. Previous work on geothermal reservoir characterization showed the successful application of optimal experimental design (OED) in order to identify optimal drilling locations for assessing uncertain reservoir parameters within a numerical reservoir model. However, the high computational cost has to date limited this approach to a numerical model with significantly reduced number of unknowns. Collaboration with experts in the EoCoE-II consortium will enable us to create a realistic geothermal reservoir model with vastly improved spatial resolution. Thus, we can apply OED to a field scale geothermal reservoir. Combining optimal experimental design for positioning boreholes with state-of-the art HPC techniques will improve the exploration and exploitation of geothermal reservoir systems, as it enables a sophisticated quantification of uncertainties in the subsurface.

Simulation Code

SHEMAT-Suite is a code for simulating single- or multi-phase heat and mass transport in porous media. It solves coupled problems comprising heat transfer, fluid flow, and species transport. SHEMAT-Suite can be applied to a range of hydrothermal or hydrogeological problems, be it forward or inverse problems.

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