Baltic Sea Paleoenvironment : Expedition 347 of the mission-specific drilling platform from and to Kiel, Germany Sites M0059–M0067 12 September–1 November 2013

Andrén, Thomas (Corresponding author); Jørgensen, Bo Barker (Corresponding author); Cotterill, Carol (Corresponding author); IODP, Expedition 347 Scientists; Fehr, Annick (Corresponding author); Green, Sophie (Corresponding author); Andrén, Elinor (Corresponding author); Ash, Jeanine (Corresponding author); Bauersachs, Thorsten (Corresponding author); Cragg, Barry (Corresponding author); Fanget, Anne-Sophie (Corresponding author); Granoszewski, Wojciech (Corresponding author); Groeneveld, Jeroen (Corresponding author); Hardisty, Dalton (Corresponding author); Herrero-Bervera, Emilio (Corresponding author); Hyttinen, Outi (Corresponding author); Jensen, Jørn Bo (Corresponding author); Johnson, Sean (Corresponding author); Kenzler, Michael (Corresponding author); Kotilainen, Aarno (Corresponding author); Kotthoff, Ulrich (Corresponding author); Marshall, Ian P. G. (Corresponding author); Martin, Ellen (Corresponding author); Obrochta, Stephen (Corresponding author); Passchier, Sandra (Corresponding author); Krupinski, Nadine Quintana (Corresponding author); Riedinger, Natascha (Corresponding author); Slomp, Caroline (Corresponding author); Snowball, Ian (Corresponding author); Stepanova, Anna (Corresponding author); Strano, Sarah (Corresponding author); Torti, Andrea (Corresponding author); Warnock, Jonathan (Corresponding author); Xiao, Nan (Corresponding author); Zhang, Rui (Corresponding author)

College Station, TX : Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (2015)

In: Proceedings of the integrated ocean drilling program 347