CO2Trap - Development and evaluation of innovative strategies for mineral and physical trapping of CO2 in geological formations and of long-term cap rock integrity

Kühn, M.; Asmus, S.; Azzam, Rafig; Back, Martin; Busch, A.; Class, H.; Clauser, Christoph; Dengel, A.; Dose, T.; Fernández-Steeger, Tomás Manuel; Helmig, R.; Jaeger, K.; Kempka, T.; Krooss, Bernhard; Littke, Ralf; Peiffer, S.; Schlüter, R.; Stanjek, H.; Vosbeck, K.; Waschbüsch, M.

Potsdam / Koordinierungsbüro Geotechnolgien (2005) [Contribution to a book]

Geotechnologien science report. - 4
Page(s): 42-59