Research Projects


Geothermal energy

Projekt Mitarbeiter
Ensemble Kalman Filter for estimation of Rock properties in geothermal reservoirs Johannes Keller
Risk Assessment Strategies for Enhanced Geothermal Systems Chen Tao
Exergy-optimized heating and cooling of an office building based on a comprehensively monitored borehole heat exchanger array

Alexander Michalski

EoCoE - Energy oriented Center of Excellence EoCoE - Geothermal Energy of a Carbon Free Energy Supply

Johanna Bruckmann, Jan Niederau

DESCRAMBLE - Numerical simulation of a supercritical water/steam reservoir Jan Niederau, Henrik Büsing
GEMex – Cooperation in Geothermal energy research Europe-Mexico for development of hot enhanced (hot-EGS) and super-hot geothermal (SGHS) systems Paromita Deb

Heat transport around buried electrical cables

Marina Hruska

Allgemeine Informationen zur Geothermik


Petrophysics & Logging

Project Project staff
International Ocean Discovery Program, IODP

Annick Fehr

iLoPS – integrated Low Permeability Systems Thomas Hiller
Porous Media Modelling Tool for E.ON ERC Saurabh Singh

Micro-scale simulations of NMR and SIP signatures of partially saturated soils and their up-scaling to laboratory and field scale

Johanna Ochs
Characterizing Flow Properties of unsaturated Soils by Geophysical Measurements Johanna Ochs
Fresh groundwater far off the coast: 3D numerical simulations of groundwater flow at the New Jersey shelf Sönke Reiche, Ariel Thomas

More information on logging and drilling hole measurements(german only)