CO2Trap – Development and evaluation of innovative strategies for sequestration and permanent immobilization of CO2 in geological formations

Kühn, M.; Azzam, Rafig; Busch, A.; Clauser, Christoph; Fernández-Steeger, Tomás Manuel; Kempka, T.; Krooss, Bernhard; Littke, Ralf; Stanjek, Helge; Vosbeck, K.; Waschbüsch, M.

London : Geological Soc. (2007)
Buchbeitrag, Beitrag zu einem Tagungsband

In: Rock physics and geomechanics in the study of reservoirs and repositories / ed. by C. David; M. le Ravalec-Dupin. Euro-Conference on Rock Physics and Geomechanics ; (Ile d'Oléron) : 2005.09.18-22