A benchmark study on problems related to CO2 storage in geologic formations: Summary and discussion of the results

Amsterdam / Baltzer Science Publ. (2009) [Journal Article]

Computational Geosciences
Volume: 13
Issue: 4
Page(s): 409-434


Selected Authors

Class, Holger
Ebigbo, Anozie
Helmig, Rainer
Dahle, Helge K.
Nordbotten, Jan M.

Other Authors

Celia, Michael A.
Audigane, Pascal
Darcis, Melanie
Ennis-King, Jonathan
Fan, Yaqing
Flemisch, Bernd
Gasda, Sarah E.
Jin, Min
Krug, Stefanie
Labregere, Diane
Naderi Beni, Ali
Pawar, Rajesh J.
Sbai, Adil
Thomas, Sunil G.
Trenty, Laurent
Wei, Lingli