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The International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) is an international marine research drilling program dedicated to globally explore Earth’s geological history and structure of the crust by monitoring and sampling sub seafloor environments. For the worldwide offshore drilling activities of IODP, three drilling systems, two research vessels (D/V CHIKYU and JOIDES Resolution) and Mission-specific platforms (MSP) are operated depending on location and scientific aim of the expedition.

As part of the European Petrophysics Consortium (EPC), GGE contributes to the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) by providing staff and technical equipment for marine expeditions and performing petrophysical lab analysis of rock and sediment samples drilled during IODP expeditions. The EPC comprises the Department of Geology University of Leicester(UK) (coordinator),the Department of Geoscience University of Montpellier (F) and the GGE at RWTH Aachen University (D). EPC carries out all geophysical logging and petrophysical activities for the European Science Operator (ESO) and forms part of the wider International Scientific Logging Consortium that includes the Borehole Research Group at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO) and the Center for Deep Earth Exploration (CDEX).

In all boreholes standard geophysical logging is performed. In their position as Logging Staff Scientist, scientists from GGE are responsible for planning and coordination of measurements, supervising the work and lead the processing and first interpretation of the acquired data. They regularly take part in IODP Expeditions.

History of ODP and IODP Expeditions with GGE Participants:

IODP Exp. 347 (Baltic Sea Paleoenvironment): Annick Fehr (Petrophysics Staff Scientist)

IODP Exp. 342 (Paleogene Newfoundland Sediment Drifts): Annick Fehr (Logging Staff Scientist)

IODP Exp. 325 (Great Barrier Reef Environmental Changes): Annick Fehr (ESO Petrophysicist Onshore)

IODP Exp. 318 (Wilkes Land Glacial History): Annick Fehr (Logging Staff Scientist)

IODP Exp. 313 (New Jersey Shallow Shelf): Annick Fehr (ESO Petrophysicist Offshore/Onshore), Frank Bosch (ESO Petrophysicist Offshore)

IODP Exp. 320T (Sea Trials JOIDES Resolutions): Annick Fehr (Logging Staff Scientist)

IODP Exp. 305 (Oceanic Core Complex II): Margarete Linek

ODP Leg 203 (West Pacific): Arno Buysch

ODP Leg 197 (Emperor Seamount Chain): Arno Buysch

ODP Leg 193 (PACAMUS Basin): Anne Bartetzko

ODP Leg 183 (Kerguelen Plateau): Heike Delius

ODP Leg 174B (Mid-Atlantic Ridge): Anne Bartetzko

ODP Leg 174A (Mid-Atlantic Ridge): Heike Delius

Leg 163 (East Greenland Margin): Christian Bücker

Leg 171A (Barbados Ridge): Christian Bücker

Leg 196 (Nakai Trough): Sabine Hunze, Christian Bücker



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