Porous Media Modelling Tool for E.ON ERC


In this project GGE, PGS and Math2Market GmbH make a joint effort to develop the Porous Media Modeling Tool for E.ON ERC.

A characteristic of porous media is the dependence of their physical properties (e.g. heat, fluid, or electric charge transport) on micro-structure (on the geometry of the pore space). Nearly all rocks can be regarded as porous media. Thus, their micro-structural properties control all processes which are related to fluid flow and storage in the earth e.g. in oil and gas exploitation. Also artificial porous media such as membranes, filter, foams, and catalyzer are increasingly used in industry and research. Understanding the relations between microstructure and physical properties of porous media is crucial for their use e.g. for reservoir management or batteries.

Simulations of porous medium behaviour often neglect the microstructure, i.e., porous media are treated like homogeneous media but their material properties are linked to microstructural properties by empirical equations. In many cases and especially for multiple fluid phases inside the porous system the medium behaviour is not correctly described by these equations. A superior approach for simulating porous medium behaviour accounts for the inner 3D microstructure by using a resolution higher than the size of the microstructures. For such micro-scale simulations the partial differential equations describing the involved processes are solved by considering the tiny structures of porous media explicitly.

Thus, this simulation tool will be utilized to study the influence of the internal geometry on the physical properties of porous media. It will simulate charge transport processes, multiphase fluid flow, and electrochemical reactions in both rocks and batteries.



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