GeoPhyphox - Joint Subsurface Exploration using a Smartphone


The goal of this project is the development of geophysical experiments with the smartphone, with which students can deepen knowledge acquired in lectures through joint experimental field work. The experiments are intended to convey practical aspects usually neglected in the lecture such as field logistics, on site data quality control and subsequent data processing and visualization. Due to the small number of available geophysical instruments and the logistical effort, a geophysical field course can so far only be offered to a very small group of students, but is an essential aspect of geophysics.

In this project, we want to design geophysical experiments using the app phyphox, which allows to control sensors in smartphones. It is already widely used for experiments in physics at schools and universities. However, its use for geophysical experiments requires further developments, which we want to realize within the framework of this project. If geophysical experiments with the smartphone are possible, students will be able to carry out experiments on their own, process the obtained measurement results with the help of interactive web-based documents (Jupyter notebooks), analyze them regarding their accuracy, visualize and interpret them. In addition, the developments in this project can introduce geophysical topics such as induced seismicity to the public (e.g. at the RWTH science night) and, in particular, inspire students to study geosciences.