Seminar WS 2022/23

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The seminar takes place every Wednesday (during the semester) at 11:00 a.m. in a hybrid format

Objectives of the seminar:

  • Presentation of recent results in the field of Geophysics and Computational Geoscience
  • Practice of scientific communication techniques for students
  • Biannual progress report of PhD projects
  • Opportunity for invited speakers or guest scientists
  • Presentation of recent or important publications
  • Discussion of scientific ideas and projects as well as first preliminary studies

Interested persons please contact: Sofia Brisson
Tel.: 0241 80-98274



Topic / Title



26.10.2022 Elena Zeh
(MSc thesis)

Nino Menzel
(MSc thesis)
Temperature Dependence of the Borehole Heat Exchanger Performance - a numerical study

Prospection of Faults using Refraction Seismic and Electrical Resistivity Tomography
02.11.2022 Christin Bobe (CGGR) tbd
16.11.2022 Carlos Colombo (CGGR) MSc Project - 2D Seismic Absorption Mapping of Romania with Coda Waves (TBC)
23.11.2022 Ryan Santoso (CGGR) State-of-the-art physics-based machine learning for geothermal applications
30.11.2022 Johanna Fink (CGGR) Optimal experimental design (OED) for geothermal modeling
07.12.2022 Julius Henschel
(MSc thesis)
Affordable magnetic field measurements for educational purposes using smartphones and microcontrollers
12.12.2022 Guillaume Caumon Time and title to be defined
14.12.2022 Elisa Heim (CGGR) Simulation tools for the design and optimization of borehole heat exchanger field operation - a comparative study

Jian Yang (MSc thesis)


Marc Boxberg (MBD)

Kaifeng Gao (CGGR)

Modelling the trajectories of cryobots

Applications of deep learning to geomodeling

25.01.2023 Ryan Bobby Andika (MSc thesis)

Josefine Ziegler
(MSc thesis)
Understanding apparent outliers in low-temperature thermochronological data in the Swiss Subalpine Molasse using structural uncertainty modeling
01.02.2023 Andrea Balza (CGGR)
08.02.2023 Ammar Ghanim Streamlining Seismic Processing Workflows with Machine Learning
15.02.2023 Wouter Deleersnyder
22.02.2023 Adeniyi Mosaku (MSc Thesis)